Monday, February 2, 2009

snow snow snow

well I woke this moring to the most beautiful see of white snow, really fake looking snow but BEAUTFUL but unfortuantly i had to craw from under my bed to get ready for school, one oclock came and the princibal anounced the school was being closed due to bad weather and health and safetly issues

It cud be closed till wednesday which means BLOG BLOG BLOG..
So i was just out wiht my little doggy . a seven month old golden lab pub :D:D
i brought her out into the snow with my younger sister adn awww shes GORGEOUS
so here are some pics of the SNOW. its 3.1 and tipically the snow sud of melted but NOPE except from part which kids(including me) have been playing in its still perfect and as i look out my window now its just started snowing AGAIN..happy spring everyone :D:D

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