Friday, February 6, 2009

my new love

Hola Que tal?
Hahaha had my spanish oral today :( YUCK but its done and forgotten about and i now only EVER have to sit ONE more of these terriflyin oral YAY

so iv got a brand new obsession....

The dove moisteriser tanning lotion
WOW I love it except its smell EW!!! I apply at night so it developes as I sleep and I shower in the morning cause i really could'nt go to school with that smell :P

so it really really does leave ur skin with a fab glow and REALLY natural colour! Iv applyed it twice now and my legs are at the perfect colour, i need to apply one more coat to my arms later but so far its great, Im asleep so the smell really isn a issue...

My skin is SO moistered and silky and its not at all leaving a dirty look and I shower everday most days twice and its still perfect :D:D:D

as anyone else used this or a product similar??


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