Tuesday, February 3, 2009

good moring and happy spring!

SUPRIZE its still snowing !! and its heavyer then ever!! cars have basically been abandonded a the enterence of my estate as you just cant get in!! Its so bizzare Ireland does get very slushy horrible snow that tends to melt into yucky mush once it hits solid ground!!
NOW its proper fake snow like those santa gortos thing where you can go ice skating?? Its sooo lully(sorry its how myself my friends say lovely)

So how has my beauty blog turned into a snow aboration blog!! I guess its the child in me...Im off to make an ANOTHER snow man and unfortunatly study :( YAWN
Blog later


  1. woow, loove snow :)
    would you like to send me some? : P

  2. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> *******
    there u go lots of little snow flakes :D:D:D