Saturday, February 21, 2009

my skin care

Taught id join the bandwagen and tell all you guys about my skin care routine!
This stuff is really good and super cheap, is available at lidl.lseree cleansinm foam

I think most peolpe have heard of this and life many who tryed it i feel in love!! my skin is SOOO soft aftr using it!:D:D
like my cleanser this is the toner from the same range
If i just wont to freshen my face up really fast i absolutiy love this toner is so great to just make u feel fresh again
this is my new FAVORTITE thing i love love love.its the garnier pure A daily treatment moisturiser. it smells like cucumber.its also a great make-up primer and feels quite similar to the smashbox photo finish
joined the craze and love it!!
So this is what i do everyday to keep my skin clear and clear.
What do u use??

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