Sunday, February 22, 2009

My exams are starting tomoro..In ireland you do 7 sudjects for your final exams and half way through your final year you sit a mock exam (mine start tomorrow)
Ive English paper one - Basically creative writing and speechs and letters that kinda thing..
And after i have Maths paper :(:(:(:(:(
Im sooooo srewed!!!

So today ill be studying studying studying. During the next 2 week i wont be able to blog much so be prepared for an over load of post when the exams end



  1. Hi there, I didn't know you were Irish!! OMG your doing your leaving - I still have nightmares about doing mine and wake up in a cold sweat!! What do you hope to do when your finished and where do you want to go? Good luck tomm x

  2. hey hun,
    OMG someone who can understand what i going through hahaha, Thanks sooo much yup im irish living in co kildare u ???:( oh god ur scaring me now :P,Journalism if you go to some of my older posts iv a bit about it...Emmm U.L or maybe cork :) Thank soooo much pet xxx

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