Monday, February 2, 2009

I was asked by a blogger to illastrate when I use my benefit sexy weep, Iv just redun all my make up and used it as the only product on my cheeks but guess what?? I took pics and you cant c it all all!! my camera is prob RUBBISH and the flash is on and cant take it off :( but i promise i will up load it super fast!! SO SORRY

on other hand its still snowing, unbelievable hard and for the first time ever i made a real snow man!! heehee is that sad at 18??

Any how, snow, hot choc, fire and blog...its a great monday



  1. Wow, so much snow...sounds like a nice evening you have...mhhh..."hot chocolate" sounds good... ;-)

  2. aww yeah its soooo beautiful here at the mon iv never seen so much snow :D:D