Tuesday, February 10, 2009

YAY i joined TWITTER I no Ino im about 1o years later then EVERYONE else but im there now.

ive a new favorite thing WHOOP WHOOP..

DOVE summer glow...
I likey a loty!
one thing I dont like , why is there always one thing, the smell isnt exactly BEAUTIFUL i actually really dont like it :(, so how have i over come this, i put it on a night sleep in lose pjs and shower in morning, i dont smell it while im asleep and I shower in the morning to get rid of the lingering smell.
its really quite nice, the tan i mean.
How i personally applyed it.....
for two days I applyed it daily, then took a day break then applyed again for one day and now im on the colour im really happy with so im going to ry applying every 2/3days and see if that maintains the colour..Does anyone else use it?? how do u find it??

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