Friday, May 14, 2010

I've moved

Hello everyone I have moved blogs, this one has been so mumbled and BLA, so started a new one which I going to get ALL my love and care. I really hope you continue to support

thanks for all the love on here


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Whats been going on

Hey lovelies ;)

I haven't posted in quite a few days, BOOO but l have an excuse I swear. When I wrote my last post I was sick, server tummy ache and vomiting and i presumed I had caught the 24hour bug that was going around so closed the curtains, pulled up the duvet and watched rubbish day time telly complete bliss if I hadn't been feeling quite as bad. During the night at about half 1 I jumped out of the bed in agony screaming with the pain, my wonderful mother ran in and within an hour I was in our local emergency doctor that opens when the GP closes, I was there for about 40mins with the doctor watching my every move, had two injections and was sent to the hospital emergency department.

ANYWAY, the PAIN was incredible and the hospital well it was an absolute joke! I waited two and a half hours in the waiting area, crying with pain I couldn't stay sitting cause it hurt, I couldn't stay standing cause it hurt and I was vomiting. Once I made it through to the a&e area so to speak it was EMPTY, there was one lady with a broken leg on a trolley in the corridor while every cubicle besides one was empty, why couldn't they give that women some privacy while she waited to be transfered to another hospital for surgery?? I was seen and told to wait on a chair for my bloods to come back, no pain relief nothing and the doctor, well he wasn't aware of being polite! The nurses (I'm only specking of those nurses working that night of course there are wonderful doctors and nurses out there) sat chatting!

After a while I told told I could have a bed because they could see the pain I was in, luckily as I ended up waiting in casualty for 12 hours! To cut a long story short I was seen by a surgeon and admitting to hospital where I stayed for a week, had an ultra sound and a scope(HORRIFIC!!! The anesthetic didn't work and I remember the whole experience and aaaaaaa.

I have suspected gallstones, but they couldn't see them in any of my tests except my spleen is very very enlarged yet I still have the symptoms of gallstones. :(

I'm home a few days but am still lying on the couch, Not able to eat but thankfully I am back drinking. I'm on a lot of tablets to ease the pain, which is bizarre to me because they don't know what there treating!

On top of that my granddad Jim passed away last week (he was my real granddads brother, that stepped in to act as a granddad when he passed away). I was unable to attend the funeral as the hospital wouldn't let me out which was very sad but I know he with me and listening to my prayers. I'll miss him very much, he was an incredible man who lived the most fulfilled life, I'll miss his stories, his singing, him falling asleep during the ads of his favorite show, the smile he always had when he saw hiss wife, his grand kids. Sham (as I always called him) I love you very much and know you are ALWAYS around, singing, laughing and your watching. I feel soooo blessed to have been given the chance to be his 'step' granddaughter with my brother and sister.

Rest In Piece

Friday, April 30, 2010

Sad sad news. RIP Gerry Ryan

Hey there,
Today isn't such a nice day, as you guys know I've dream't of working in Radio for as long as I can remember. My biggest inspiration passed away this today, Gerry Ryan.

Gerry Ryan was a hero in Irish Media, possibly the most charming, intelligent most incredible man on radio. He had television shows but his radio show was huge! Without it our main radio station here in Ireland may of never lasted.

Any non-Irish readers of my blog may find this difficult but Ireland is TINY! I go to college in out capital, Dublin and although I live an hour away (which is not near our capital) I see someone from where I am from every day in Dublin. We have quite a few radio shows but it RTE1 and RTE2fm are the most listened to.

I'm a rte 2fm listener as it's one of those stations that covers everything, I listen to Colm and Jim every morning and once on the train the wonderful Gerry Ryan would come on, I've often started laughing to myself, cried and even argued (in my head of course) with Gerry Ryan but no matter how much you disagree with whatever he was saying he had such a charm about him that you still loved him.

Gerry Ryan who was 53 years young worked in Radio since 1974 and started working on 'The Gerry Ryan' show in 1988 until the 29th of April, yesterday as he did not go into work today.

Gerry Ryan was not just my inspiration but one to many. He is a friend of everyones, it feels although we are losing a friend, grew up listening to him EVERYMORING, every Christmas he would contact Santa and report back.

My thoughts are with his five children far to young to lose there daddy. The staff at rte and anyone that knows him, it can't be easy, and as a listener and a fan I'll miss you
Rest In peace Gerry Ryan


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Comments disappeared

All my comments seem to have vanished?? Do any of you guys know how that could of happened and if I can reverse it



Feeling Icky

Hey guys,

Today I'm sick,:( I've a sinus infection (nasty) that we think has moved to my chest leaving me looking horrific and swollen with tears running down my face ALL DAY and sounding weesy. I'm so attractive I really am..

I have no idea why I taught I'd share this with you mmmmmmm.........
There must be a reason,.......

I suppose if anyone has tips PLEASE pass them this way, I'd deeply appreciate it....

Also If you have any requests on a post you would like me to do please post below.

Thanks everyone
and Happy Saturday



Blog awards

Hey All,And good morning.

As many of you guys know the ''Irish Blog Awards'' are tonight and three wonderful ladies that I know are up for nominations EXCITING!!

So I just wonted to wish EVERYONE the very best of luck especially some friends of mine..

Laura Cunningham and Blanaid Hennessy the parents of the wonderful ''The Stylebitches''.
Its a huge achievement to get this far and being nominated it huge!! Remember us bitches love you!!

Also to Amy from the wonderful makeup and beauty ,
As I said to the girlies HUGE congrats for getting this far, its all so exciting.

I hope that everyone who is attending the event tonight has an absolute ball !!



Friday, March 26, 2010


I heart