Monday, August 31, 2009

its my birthday:)

Hey guys its my birthday today YAY, I'm 19! And as my brother so kindly put it in my card, your almost 20 which means your almost half way to 40..Thanks Dave ... haha

This year is the start of some much after starting school on the day of my fifth birthday this year is the first year I wont be in school for my birthday, obviously saturdays and sundays not counted but I've always started school on the 1st of september. Strange knowing that, that prospect is now a distint memory. I start college on the 14th, the taught of this excites me, makes me extremely nervous and also baffles me. I have no idea what to expect from college life, what bag is approaprate, what clothes wont be frowned upon, if I wear alot of make-up will i look as though I'm trying to hard, etc. These little things that I really really don't know what to expect regarding.

One of the gorgeous bloggers i follow starts her college adventure today. The same girl I have blogged about in the past. During the leaving cert talking to one any of my friends about the stresses and straines of the leaving cert was a simple NO NO, Aoife on the other hand was the one girl I reached to talk to when things got to much, when a test was strangly, strange and when the hard hit reality that 'this was it' started to kick in.

During the exams themselves we would comment to eachother on how that day went, cheer eachother up if things where dismil and congratuate when we felt confident.
Today she betweens college life, and Im anxiously awaiting for today to be over so she can like during the leaving cert, relax my nervous.. GOOD LUCK AOIFE!!! And as we keep telling eachother, WE'VE DONE IT!!

So as I lie in bed at five to eight, my mother, brother and sister still singing 'happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday dear becky happy birthday to you' Im excited, not alone is it my birthday but its the begining of year where I start the 'find yourself journey' and spark the college life I've been excited and nervous about for the past 15years!

PS:my best friends debs is today, ie Keara from a pervous post,(the girl whose make-up I did).She is going to look increbably stunning and I cannot wait to see her!!Love you long time Solider (private joke) ...


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hello I'm back

Well well well, How are we all doing?

Firstly I need to apologise for not blogging in what seems like FOREVER. This summer has been one, let's just say it's been eventful to say the least. Anyway this recession has prevented me from having very little retail experiences and therefore I haven't had the chance to haul or have new products to review. I started working full time but that's now finished (was costing me more to work then I was getting paid for), I couldn't go to my debs i.e. Prom as it was financially impossible, Had some friends and family drama, and I start college on the 14th so basically its been just ONE OF THOSE summer's.

It's my birthday on Tuesday YAY, I'm turning 19 and even though I don't think I will be receiving any gifts (again recession) HOPEFULLY I will have the chance to do a little bit of shopping....

I have a few bits I will revies for you beauties today, off to find my phone conecter (oh yes my camera is broken to) so I can upload some images as this blog is looking as old as my granny's attic........

Please comment below and fill me in on your news and updates :)