Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I graduated a couple of weeks ago

A couple of weeks ago I graduated

Heres a little picy from the night itself, I cant really remember what I used, but i do remember some of the items, if you would like to know please dont hesitate to ask. One thing l do remember about this night was I was running unbelievably late and had 10 mins to get ready :(

The next is a picture of me very late in the night,:P with a couple *cough cough* of shots and vodka in me


WHERE ARE YOU FROM? - Co Kildare Ireland
WHY DID YOU START BLOGGING? - I become obsessed with the you tube beauty community and soon after l discovered the blogging community and taught it was a brilliant way of expression so jumped on the wagon.
WHAT'S THE MAIN AIM OF YOUR BLOG? -To share my love for beauty, my tips, my ideas but more importantly to hear others
WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE BEAUTY BLOG? -Would be VERY hard to focus on one BUT have found myself looking for new posts by and, ,but honestly every blog is brilliant in its own way and has its own points which l heart
WHY? - ..........
.WHO'S YOUR FAVOURITE YOUTUBER? - Oh my favorite you tuber, emmmmmm Lollipop26,dazzledust25,kelanjo19, but again l follow sooooo many and really enjoy them all.
ARE YOU MORE ABOUT SKIN/HAIR/MAKEUP/NAILS? -I think as I have gotten older its certainly changed, Iv always had a love for make-up but at a young age I became very interest in my skin care routine and quite frightened at the taught of acne, but as Iv grown up Iv falling head over heals in love with make-up, for me its my escape route. I would never leave the house without makeup on:( l wish this wasnt the case and its my aim to this summer wear more tinted moisterisers etc.
WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE BRAND? - emmm Id have to pick Revlon,Maybelline,Benefit,Mac.Again it depends what Im on the look out for .
WHAT'S YOUR MAKEUP MUST HAVE? - Mascara, no matter what Im doing Ill always have a lick of mascara on, it does so much to you face!
WHAT'S YOUR HAIR MUST HAVE? - A intense conditioning treatment-
.CURRENT BEAUTY OBSESSION? - contouring!! Im on a mission to really achieve that skill.
.ARE YOU HAPPY WITH HOW YOU LOOK? - Not at all, I never have been nor do I see that changing .
IF YOU'VE HAD ANY OF THESE IN THE LAST YEAR CHANGE THE FONT COLOURhaircutprofessional hair colour facial ( I wish!)professional waxingeyebrow threadingmassagemanicurepedicuregel/acrylic nailsprofessional make-up application botox injectionscollagen injectionslaser hair removallaser skin rejuvenation
WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MORE OF IN BEAUTY BLOGS? - emmm maybe some more affordable make-up reviews for the recession estas? haha
HOW BIG IS YOUR BEAUTY COLLECTION? -Its not to bad(I must do a new post on it, its changes substantually sinc my last post.
HAVE YOU EVER BEEN SENT FREE PRODUCTS AND IF SO, WHERE FROM? - Well Iv won some stiff from Rimmel :)
WHAT COMPANY WOULD YOU LOVE TO RECEIVE PRODUCTS FROM? - Anywhere, only thing Id have to say is I would have to give an 100% review so l dont wont to be to bias and pick just one company :D




Due to this fab weather I think its time to whip out the summer clothes,EXCITED!!
Today Iv opted for a orange dress with cream detail, shoes and accessories yet to be decided but as I could be staying in doors I could sport the bare foot look:D
Whats everyone else wearing in this fine weather??


Hey guys

My post last night was very much a post of to meanings, this one will carry the same type of message, enjoying the sun and staying save:D

Another beautiful day here in Ireland, very hot and humid, its the heat that when you put your sunnies one the quickly fog up. Reading back over my posts last nights Ireland has had a strange year in terms of weather, The first day of spring we had snow now we have very very hot weather, complaining NO!!

Just stay save, here are some the items I whip out before I hit the sun,
Vaseline, just to keep my lips hyptrated, sunnys,got to protect you eyes, Instect repellent, honestly this is just because I have having green flies sitting on me as I relax haha,
Suncream I have three in this picture
Factor 50 for kids,
Factor 30
Factor 20 with aloe Vera
Enjoy the glorias weather :D:D:D

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another place for me to ramble

Hey guys:D

So as you know this is a 'beauty' blog, well Iv decided to set up another blog for more topial issues:D

Please follow me over and Tell me what YOU wont to read about


Aloe vera How I <3 you!!

This little Baby is something that out of all my beauty products, skin care related objects I own, I could life without this!
While on Holilday about 10/11years ago to Portugal I got seriously bad sunburn (ill try find the piccy) It was so bad that while shopping one evening(I couldnt go out during the day) a women approached me and my family about my sunburn and asked me could she apply some products containing aloe Vera to my skin as she owned a store which sold such products, I agreeed and OMG I can still remember the relieve I had to this day, She had the plants in her shop and after looking at my sunburn decided the direct product was the best for my skin. It was soooo refreshing and gave me so much relieve. She asked for permission for her to put a picture of me in her shop holding the plant so people could see the extend of my sunburn and could then read how I felt about aloe Vera. Thinking back now it was a bit of a random idea, does anyone really listen to a 7/8 year old??

Anyway my point is , 7/8 years later Im still in love this this little plant:D. We bought one soon after we returned from Portugal and have one in our kitchen and Bathroom, you can take some out of it and give it to friends to regrow, you can cut as much as you wont of and it grows back.

Today it was EXTREMLY hot where I live in co kildare(Ireland), 24 degrees at 6oclock ,very strange weather for Ireland.Im a BIG supporter of caring for you skin againist sun damage, my dads side of my family are complete sun worshipers and I could never understand it. Before I apply my make-up EVERYDAY I wear a sunblock, variey the factor throughout seasons. Today at about 3olock I decided to head to the sun for a bit with my factor 3o on and a 50(kids) on my face, a hour and a half later I looked like this .......
This I guess is a blog of two sorts, try aloe vera:D, its brilliant, burns,cuts,sunburns,spots, soooo many different things.

''Aloe vera is wonderful for skin complaints and rashes, bites, burns,acne,irritable bowel syndrome,Chrons disease and sun burn. also helping you with avoiding sun burn. Aloe vera is used by adults and children.
Aloe vera helps in the production of collagen which used for mending damage to tissue. It is also used for treating psoriasis, eczema among further skin conditions. it is used to treat acid burns, radiation burns and frost bite. if you suffer from frost bite or sun burn, taking aloe vera tablets will help clear it.
Aloe vera tablets help strengthen the immune system. Aloe vera helps in multitude ways for skin, hair and your beauty.
Aloe vera is an excellent treatment for Acne and used with a skin cleansing regime is proven to clear up acne.
Aloe vera is also good for eye inflammation, ulcers, gall bladder problem, abscesses and hemorrhoids. There are some other uses of aloe vera. Ifyou have a plant in your kitchen you can use the leaf to treat burns.
Aloe vera is good for many things from the hair to the softness of the skin,treating bowel conditions,sun burn, mending wounds,beauty treatment.''
But also this is a blog to warm everyone to please take care of your skin in the sun this summer. The sun can cause so much damage from wrinkles to cancer and everything in between. Unfortunatly Many dieases cant be prevented but If someone tells me that putting a higher sunfactor on me,covering up a little,staying out of the sun during certain hours ,not using sunbeds etc could HIGHLY reduce your chances of developing skin cancer I am fully prepared to take those procautions...

Now go enjoy this glorias weather, where ever you are :D:D

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Meet my bestie

Hey again everyone ,
I'd like u to meet my best friend Keara.
While celebrating the end of our exams on Tuesday and on the second bottle of wine I suggested l would do Kearas make-up.Now this isnt irregular I often do her make-up and in fact the make-up of most my firends, especially eye make-up but with 2bottles of wine in my i wasnt sure how good an idea this was ..

she has given my full promission to post these pictures cause she loves me haha

The gorgeous Keara O natural!

Keara after I attacked her...

Let me know what you think ??


face of the day

Hey girlies,
Hope everyone is doing really really well. Exams are now a thing of the past :D, so as promised a more beauty related,lovers,reviewing blog is about to take place...
I taught a good one to start with would be a fotd?Although is fathers day and Im doing not a thing today besides catching up on some much needed video watching, blog reading and tweeting I felt a urge to apply make-up.these urges come part of the parcel with beening 'slightly' make-up obsessed :D
So today I wore a very easy brown eye, and nudy lip with a purple undertone, PLEASE excuse the quality of pictures and my horrible pose haha..I have no idea why my left eyebrow looks like
Im giving you 'the Eye'

Products used:

Revlon Coloursay normal/dry skin=Buff 150
Essence Forget it 3 in 1 concealer
Bourjois Delive de Poudre bronzing powder
Benefit 10
Primark Great balls od desire (I do <3>
Active cosmetics setting powder (My rimmel broke so I had to resort to this and its not bad,for something my Nan won at bingo :D)
The colour Insititute eye concealer in Pink.(another cheepy)
Red Herring 4-way eyeshadow pallete
essence Quattro eyeshadow in Ciao Bella!
IsaDora Triple eye shadow in 02 golden Cacao
H&M eyeshadow in pearl dust
Maxfactor eyeliner in Black
essence 2 in 1 Kajal pencil black and white
Rimmel Professional Liquid eye liner in ebony black
Rimmel sexy curves mascara in Black
Maybelline Lash stiletto in black(I like the look both give)

Bodyshop eyebrow duo
Opia (primark/pennys) brow gel

Gosh darling 134
essence XXL shine in rising Star

WOW i didnt relise I had used so much, I looks alot more then I really used, majority of these eye shadow palletes l would of only used one colour in then,manly to blend etc
Heres is a little close up of my lips.

Basically as you can prob tell from the items I used lm a strong believer in using what you can efford, My pennys brow gel works perfectly for me and l think is cost my 50cent yet I love my benefit 10! I have alot of variation in a collection and would never restict myself to only perchasing High quality products ie M.A.C or Nars.Although like anyone I do LOVE then :D
If anyone would liek a review on only of there products or swatches please comment Below Id be more then happy to do so.
Looking forward to hearing your taughts

Friday, June 5, 2009

Leaving certificate could possibly kill me

So its should be Day 3 of the leaving certificate BUT no no no, after a ''little'' mishap by ONE supervisor l Still have only three exams done. THREE, THREE , THREE!!!! I should have both english paper one and english paper two, finito and maths one and geography. But l have yet to sit my english paper two, which will now take place tomorrow morning. GREEEEAT!

So as anyone who is reading this will have quite possibly have noticed these latest topics arent beauty nor make-up related.
I will infact promise that come the 16th of june lm all yours for anything makeup related :D:D:D

So This is where l unknowingly to this person giver her a little plug
Aoife whos blog I recomment EVERYONE of you have a look at and follow is the BEST blogger I have read in quite a while not only that, but she is a fellow Leaving cert student who unfortunatly to her has had to deal with many an emotional breakdown over twitter about this ''little summer test''.
She has both a exam blog and a make-up related blog both by which l love and enjoys reading.
I hope she wont mind this little plug but im sure she wont, shes a doll.
Thank you Aoife for being my little Online leaving cert buddy :D:D:D:D