Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my new fitness addiction

So I have a 8month old labador puppy :)and when we got her I was all for im going to walk her everyday bla bla bla , well i didnt :( but abot two week ago i said feck it i need to lose weight and get fit so my doggy is been OVER walked heehee i dont think thats possible and i pretty sure she is LOVING it :D :D :D.....
So walking walkin walkin loads & loads & loads but i really need to help my diet, drinking like rivers of waters everyday and fruit coming out of my ear but i still feel im not doing enough at all...
In june myself and 4 the girls and a couple of lads are heading to benadorm and in august we have our debs (prom) so l really wont to feel I look nice and well look a shite load better haha