Friday, February 20, 2009

Hair hair hair!

I dyed my hair about 2weeks ago using the new Clairol Perfect10 nice and easy home colouring kit and im so disappointment, My hair is SOOOOO dry and very very very dull looking! my naturally extremely thick and very shiny which im so lucky to have and now its just DEAD! Ive never had any problems like this before...... I didnt change the colour drastically or anything, Iv naturally EXTREMLY dark hair so so just dyed it darkbrown/Expresoo on the double.
Im so devestated and now need to find some sort of home hair threatment that will just put life back into my hair :(

Anyone any tips please this is really annoying me haha

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  1. I made this exact same mistake/:
    I wish i could help but so far i havent found a product thats fixed it/:
    ohh welll.