Monday, March 2, 2009

catch up xx

hello my lovelies,
hope everyone is doing GREAT feels like AGES since i posted a blog but as my last one said everythings been crazy wat the min :(:(:(:(
Iv a day of today and yes i should be studying for history tomoro but instead this left much much much better heehee....

alls been Super quiet lately but actually quite good.exams are going OKAY hahaha stressful but the ones i was dreading are actually alright thank god...
Im adpated a new skin care routine( alot of which iv posted about already) but my skin has never looked or felt sooo good WOW WOW ive a new favorited body balm and spray which i love and i got the victoria sercret bath and shower gel, body lotion an d body spray in garden which is a bit to WOW for me but oh well hahaha i also got a purple victoria secret hand bag its super cute..all gifts! Im soo loved heeehee i haven time right now to post pics but i will maybe tomoro after noon or when im of again on wednesday untill then i hope everyones having a brilliant week


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  1. Hello my friend, finnaly we have a Banner Logo now, you can take and put it in your web, thx ... Peace Reagard ... :)