Sunday, May 31, 2009


Its the 31st of may and Im sitting in the garden as I type this, the smell of BBQ food swimming around while unfortuantly im burried behind a pile of books:( BOOO.

The leaving cert begins on wednesday and Im currently not stressed enough haha, everyone talks about having these intense stress periods and although l will admitt I did have one the other day Im currently stress free.:D

My dog is sleeping beside me and the kids next door are playing, Dont you just love the summer . Ireland ,in the heat is the most beautiful country in the world, bit of sun and the country glows..

Anyway l taught while lm on a study break and debating going out tonight to see east 17 tonight in my local club. I know its not the best idea but l need time to destress etc

anyhow i hope everyone is having a brilliant time in the sun



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