Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hey guys
okay its been a little while since my last blog, big apoligies about that but as many of you know I have the dreaded LC(refusing to say its actual name)next wednesday, so as lm on a coffee break and feeling in the need of a good owl moan Iv retreated to the beauty of blogging are you ready??


My exams start on wednesday , yes WEDNESDAY, WEDNESDAY wtf wtf wtf!! Im sending stress vides everywhere at the min and Im very sorry.Im not sure how you deal with stress but l usually find a quiet cry,bit of a roar into a pillow helps and lm sorted, unfortunantly this is not helping at ALL this time.Im sick,not sleeping properly,headaches,mood swings,spontanias outbursts of laughter, fights, and lots of tears!

Parents seem to find it hard to understand this exam stress business, which is completly understandable its been YEARS since they have had to do exams. My dad and I dont exactly have a great relationship and he is proving it to be very hard for me to respect him at all at the moment, he truely believes l should be able to study with a broom up my a*s (SORRY:() and preform magic! Luckly he doesnt live with us but yet he still manages to take huge control over my family and there understanding and believes, grrrr!

Anyway, household fights have become a regular occasion, especially today. I woke up and began study within half a hour, proud of myself :D, although l did suffer some distractions l was happy with the out come come around 4 oclock, at this stage l fell asleep at my kitchen table,highlighter in hand :%, my mam arived home and her first words where
'' you werent sleeping there??''
No its all a bloody illusion, its not really me its the extremly tired,stressed twin of your daughter, ignore it!! (again sorry)
I laughed it off and welcomed her, bla bla bla.

My dad then arrived and began to question why I hadnt cleaned the garden and done the house.Now my mam is a clean freak which we as a family have excepted , we help when we can yaddy yaddy.... We have a half day on a wednesday and we always clean the entire house and after school on the other days we help her out, obviously not everyday cause where normal teenagers.Anyway l felt the blood boil after his statement, l repled with a I have my leaving certificate in one week, Iv to much to worry about. Let me add the house is spotless !
This ended in tears as you can imagine. Told me l was selfish to think l was going to the library to study tomorow, and why couldn l study at home. DISTRACTIONS!!!!

Anyhow Im now sitting in my room with a cappiccuno and my irish books, let me add its dinner time, but l cant even look at food! My body is doing mad things at the minute and they really cant seem to understand the stress im under. I know i may sound an incredably spoilt child and l really do apoligise. I know both my parents have there own stressfull issues to deal with...At the end of the day all i need is a hug from my mam and for her to say whatever happens where proud of you!

Stupit eh?

PS: Im finished my exams on the 16th of June and from then i will be consentration on a much better detailed blog :D:D


  1. Good luck with your exams :) :) :)

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