Wednesday, May 6, 2009

update,review and mew mascara

Hey everyone, god im getting fierce addicted to this blogging thing and as many of you know by now, I really wont to get into the more review,make-up,advice side of blogging as its my passion and as im intending on studing journalism next year this is a great help to my progress, also Im hoping on studying make-up artistry at night at some point with the intention on perhaps getting into maybe beauty journalism.
Soooo less of the wobble :D

As a below haul states, I bought the above tan, l'oreal sublime bronze for a little trail run.
On Monday I applyed it, a thin even layer all over my body. It left a lovely glow. On monday I woke up and well i was DARK DARK DARK,!! Its very even which is great and looks so healty another great bonus:D.

I used a cotton ball to apply it lightly to my hands, more to blend out my wrist haha. Its not perfectly even but im really the only one thats noticed it. My face on the other hand. I have to put my hand up and admit, I think i applyed to much :(, yest my face looked a but blochy and not as nice as my body(my tan not my own body obviously haha), i used my regular night time face routine and it seems to have talking the access away and today its lookin much much better, In fact i only wore a tiny bit of concealer for the day and some rosy bronze/blush, very natural and comforable to wear.

It says on the bottle to reapply every 3days to maintain your tan, that would mean I should reapply today and honestly i dont need to, I might reapply tomor evening, or firday will see how it looks after a few more showers and will return with a update review

Today thanks to the reviews by many of my favority you tube and blog gurus i picked up lash stileto
I havent had a chance to give it a go yet, but i love the brush :D cant wait to try it out tomorrow and return for a review:D
hope everyones having a great wednesday, half way through the week wooohooo..

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