Sunday, May 3, 2009

skin care issues SOLVED and a little update haul :D

Hey Hey, as anyone who follows me on twitter knows iv had some minor skin issues , boooooo.
Iv had very dry patches and isolated breakouts anyhow i went on a mad hunt for something that would suit my sensitive skin,

Meet my new life saver :D, Johnsons Baby Soothing naturals,
Its designed for babys skin,face and body, to relieve dry skin from the first use. :D So a baby product on troubled skin?? IT WORKS!! my skin is like silk, spots have clearned up and any dry patchs are a thing of the past .
I must admit though i have been using another product and i strongly believe its helped clear the blemishes, from the first use my skin looked soooo much more heathy,exactly what i was looking for. Prehaps im shouldnt be reviewing both of these at the same point to together they have solved my skin issues that where really making me feel very Anxious, not good....My second product is

Also getting of the topic of the topic of skin care, i FINALLY found my graduation dress YAY, iv been on a hunt to find a dress which i usually wouldn wear yet i really love and to my suprise AWEAR had it.
I really really love it, its shorter then the knee but not by much. On a hunt to find shoes now so any advice wud be greatly appriciated :D.

I also went to the chemist on firday after watching dazzledust25(btw check her out, love her vids and its great to finally see a brill Irish Guru x) i felt a serious urge to get some essence products, essence is a make-up brand available in Ireland, im not sure if its available anywhere else but its unbelievably cheep and is suprisingly good quality especially for there price bracket.
Iv been a fan of there 2-in-1 blusher for quite a while.I use 01 almost famous

I love this!!

So i picked up a few more bits :D
Ultra Strong nail repair.

This is Ciao Bella Eyeshadow quad, the pic here really isnt doin it justice but my own camera is in a friends so when i get it back i will upload a pic!:D

or u can check out there website

Forget it concealer, which iv heard LOADS about so hopefully will live up to my expectations :D

I think thats it:D
thanks sooo much for reading of to do study , please comment and ask any questions or just tell me what you think of these products, i really wont to get into the make-up review side of blogging once my exams are over and thats not possible without u guys
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