Saturday, May 9, 2009

Review time

Maybelline Lash stilleto
As you all know I purchased with little presuasion, the new Maybelline Lash stilleto last Wednesday. I did like I do with most my products, watch many you tube videos and read many reviews on here before I bought it, but honestly i think I would of tryed it even if the reviews where bad.:D
So I applyed it on wednesday night (Im not sure why,as i was prob getting ready for bed haha)
And after i had applyed 2coats my mam walked into my room and asked was I wearing False Eyelashes :D RESULT!!

The mascara claims to be lenghtning, and you add stilletos to your lashes, It doesnt mention anywhere about making your eyelashes volumising. Personally it added LOTS of length but I did apply two coats in order to get the effect I really wonted. With many Mascaras they begin to dry fast, or even if they dont when they do dry the feel quite Im not sure how to say it but almost flaky?? This mascara didnt dry like that at all, if stayed 'soft' and very easy to reapply..not only this but I found it very volumising, maybe its because the mascara itself applys very dark so allows the illussion of darker thicker lashes.

I went out for a night with the girls last night,ie DANCING!To me this is a true test for any make-up product. The heat,smoke effects,lights, and every other aspect of the modern Night life scene........ THIS MASCARA DIDN'T MOVE!! The length was the same at 4 oclock this morning, the darkness of the mascara was the same..

SO my review concludes with YES l will be repurchasing and would recommended it to everyone.:D

Iv no make up on in the below pics, so please excuse it and im growing my eyebrows out a bit before i have them butchered next week haha

This is my lashes after one coat

(sorry is is closer up but honestly it doesnt add to the effect) this is after a second coat! BIG different it you ask me :D:D

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