Monday, May 4, 2009

A little bit of summer

Its the 4th of May, ie offically summer, can we celebrate that for a minute ..........

So like many of you I like to have a summer glow/tan, and because Iv got the irish complexion in the way that im pale and freckly and that Im very careful regarding the sun, in the sence that I try to wear sun cream every day especially on the sunny days. I also wont use sun beds and I know I am cracking open a can of debate worms by saying this but I strongly believe there are SOOOO many amazing fake tan, sprays,mouses,gels, absolutly everything to give you a fab fake colour without going near the dangers of a sun bed. Cancer is far to common and devestating. Im sure every single one of you have been touched by it so if i know taking this one procaution can maybe prevent skin cancer Im fully prepared to take it, not to mention the other disadvantages it has.

Iv been on a hunt for a Tan for a while now, but my problem is financially I cant afford to really spend much money on something that lets face it, most of them need to be repurchased quite alot.For those who have read my other blog posts, you will be aware that Iv been using Dove summer glow, which I know Lollipop26 is a fan of, and l really love it its so moisterising and handy to whip on just before bed, and wake with a glow, But I really need something with a better tan pay-of. When I use dove if l'v only appication of it on l find lm applying my Rimmal mouse on top for nights out, which l have no problem doing but lm still looking for that something else.
Through friends recommendations, I bought this,the l'oreal sublime bronze self tanning gel,tinted and shimmering, instant results'. I've heard quite alot about it and its results.I applyed it today and its tinted so you can see where you have applyed it, ALWAYS a bonus when it comes to streaks. Its slightly oily so glinds around a little but I've found a oil free version so there goes that problem. Its only on a few hours but straight away my mother commented on how my face looked and how it was glowing, AGAIN another great thing :D. Its designed for your face and body which means no purchasing two different ones, ie money saved. Smell wise its not to bad, u can defo smell it but its distant and you need to actually go to smell it to really get the whif.
Ill keep it on tonight, shower in the morning and see how friends react to it in school and get back to you about the results, so far im liking this product. Will it be my new must have??
What tanners do you swear by? Do you tan? what are your tips?


  1. Hey Becky, I have the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze too - its a really nice colour but it seems to go streaky easily on my skin and it takes ages to dry!

    My favourite tan for years has been St. Tropez - liquid, not mousse. The only downsides to St. Tropex tan are that it is expensive so I buy it when I can afford it, which is not often these days, and that it stains your hands a kind of greenish-grey colour if it gets on them and it is impossible to get off!!

    I have recently found a new favourite tan! Sally Hansen tan is cheaper than St. Tropez, but the 7 day tan is colourless, which makes application tricky! I use the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in Medium instead - the colour shows up straight away, its waterproof (a big advantage for instant tan!!) and it looks really nice :) It's only meant for legs but who's to know!?

    Hope I helped... good luck with the Sublime Bronze!!

  2. hey hunni,

    Oh iv ALWAYS wonted St Tropez but as you said its €€€€ but everyone i know whos used it has LOVED it.

    I tryed the sally hansen and it was SOO streaky but that was YEARS ago and i wasnt really awear of how to apply tan and i was prob goin to a gaa disco haha so AGES AGO!

    The sublime is developing away now and looks really good, tan gives ye so much confidence doesnt it haha??

    But ill defo take ur tips and see how my skin reacts