Wednesday, April 15, 2009


FINALLY l have a haul, although its a cheapy one its still a haul and im excited haha
I went out yest with a friend and wothout relisin the time it was 6oclock before we where in town after stoppin for coffee, so the only shop open was unfortunatly pennys(primark). I love this shop for bargins but i never expect quality, we all love a bargin so i cant complain. Usually all id pick up there would be socks,lingerie,a bit of jewerelly,the cotton runner things, and little tops. Basically becaus ethere DIRT cheap and you cant pick sooooo much for sooooooo cheap.
So yest I decided i was going to buy some bits for my €4. I was confident but knew what I would get would prob be rubbish bu ti mentally needed to buy something so

YES i picked all this up and most importantly IN IRELAND i found a bargin SHOCKING!!!!

Item number 1-Four REALLY pigmented eyeshadows, my camera is rubbish and wont let me take of flash so Im sorry, the colour beside the black and purple is far more pink then showin up here.

This is a lip and cheek tint, similar to benitint, and really really easy to blend:D

This is a gorgeous navy nail varish :D:D

This is face highlighter that is my new love, maybe its because its sooooo cheap but its really really nice to use

this is a bit 8o's but i love it!! haha blue glitter :D:D
al these products cost €2.50!!!!!!
One product that wasnt pennys is my new fav lip product by oriflame
its called peach but its my perfect nude