Tuesday, January 27, 2009

vitamins and suppliments

This is the blog darlings where I for one mintute talk health SHOCKIN I no but a girls got to do what a girls got to do..
last easter I got sick and was hospitalised for 5days. released and 3 days later i was back in again for 10 days this time, I basically lost 2stone, couldn walk on my own, would get SERIOUS high presure from walkin down the stairs and have to sleep I would be so tired. All the effects from what I had, Quinsy..Horrible horrible and I had two basically covering my whole throat, wont get into the details but anyhow in sep this year I was Back in hos, same thing but this time was admitted to a different hospital nd operated on within 10 mins of been seen, AWAKE and fully aware of what was happening even feeling every last bit EHH.
SO I had my tonsils out in october and before I did so i decided to get myself on a suppliment to just built myself back up..My local chemist gave me Pharmaton.Which says it reliefs daily fatigue...I asked for something to built up my immune system and this is what i was given....

There great my attention span is better espectially in the morning in school but basically im looking for a vitiamin one now. something to help my immunie,hair, nails and everything basically.
So heres where you darlings come in .,....



  1. I take vitamins as much as I can. I am a vegetarian so I need to be careful and make sure my iron levels are kept up.

    I take multivitamins + iron and also vitamin E tablets cos I live in London and find they help keep my skin clear.

    Are you from the UK? If so Boots is the best place for vitamins... they are 3 for 2 and have a massive range. They also do a skin, hair and nails all in one pack. But yeh I would recommend multivitamins with extra iron. Vitamin E is good for protection from pollution and Vitamin C's can be good but to be honest a glass of juice a day and enough fruit would really be suficient.

  2. It is widely recognized that b vitamins are great for energy, and that e is great for hair, skin, and nail quality. I would just be hesitant...I remember onetime Laura from lollipop26 said that when she was taking a vitamin she broke out really badly on her chin.

    I would recommend just eating a healthy, balanced diet and getting plenty of sunshine :)

  3. oh ye i read that post by laura, Unforunalty living in ireland the sunshine is very limited haha and i amn one those freaks that wears a suncream everyday?? Is thats weird? haha i just wudnt risk skin damage. NEVER have i had problem skin iv been SOO lucky to have clear skin but since my operation iv noticed Small bumps there not even developing into stops most the time but its the texture there giving my skin :(