Thursday, January 15, 2009

my new mac wish list

Okay so decided as Im a bit of a make-up lover but have a very limited collection of designer make-up and the most of my collection is , rimmal, loreal,maybelline etc..I have decided to post a wish list, I would love for you guys to etheir suggest items, recommend items and comment on my choices, I know very little about the products but believe me Im learning thanks to all you fellow lovers and the beauty of you-tube...So

1:fluidline, heard sooooo much about the fluidline.It sounds amazing and even works on the water line(i love using my liners there for a smokey look or a simple day look when All ive on is liquid liner,masara, and highlighter on my browbone.)Is it as great as i think? Is there a good dube???

2: the duo fibre brush! Okay so I'v heard this is the best thing since sliced bread,thats its better then a flat foundation brush and allows the foundation/powder is stay in place all day.If you ask me thats asking alot from a ,make up brush :P:P. Iv been using a regular flat foundation brush and as much as I love it i do sometimes use my fingers just to even out the consistency...
3: okay so this pic is showing the box (dont no why I taught i saved the other one, anyhow)its the smokey eyes set....I LOVE THE LOOKS FROM MAC EYESHADOWS, enough said :P:P:P

so basically theres three items iv heard alot about and am very much considering buying..Im got the 217 brush and like all the comments about it I LOVE IT..its just such a easy brush to use to create dramatic or realistic looks but unfortuantly thats where my collection ends :(:(:( FOR NOW :p:p:p:p


  1. I just tried MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack yesterday and I'm absolutely in love with it. You should def. try it! Check out my last MAC haul :-)

  2. awww really?? is it good for waterline??Xx