Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A bit of heartache

Well heartache is a bit to extreme but, back to school today and its CAO time !!! AHHHHH stress stress stress. I don't wont to restrain myself to writing all Journalism courses but what the hell do I wont besides a successful career and descent life, money, hunni , and kids :D:D:D:D
Why cant i just jump to the out come and not deal woth the decissions.I've started to consider traveling abroad to study! I know it would be HARD but madrid university looks amazing and the options are perfect. I could take a year to learn the language in better detail, after 5 years of studying it, its barely minimin but what a oppuntity!! But then I could never afford to up and leave ..:(:(:( maybe after Iv got a degree....

Back to school today. Maybe I should be studing right about now but Im findin it so hard to get motivated :(. I spent all my time writing, writing, writing, typing, typing... Maybe it proves journalism is the course for me because its what i love!!Surely thats important..

Music beening my love unfortunantly will forever be a dream... Im looking for a new singing teacher, after 4/5 years with my current one and training classically I dont feel challenged, he is a wonderfull man but unfortuntly he is stuck with his own ideas and believes all his students should follow..Im forever grateful to him for allowing myself to discover my love of classical music ie. katherine Jenkins ( my mezzo soprano Idol) at such a young age, but at 18 I need something new, a challenage, compettions etc.

So I was reading some fellow bloggers blogs today, catching up with my make-up lovers and friends,I've even tried to upload pictures IT OBVIOUSLY DIDNT WORK... I think im the only person with access to a computer who cant upload a pic..

Im off to figure this out



  1. I know how you feel about not being able to afford to up and leave... but theres always ways! loans, financial aid. gotta follow your dreams!

  2. Awww huni firstly thanks for beening my first comment :D:D:Dlove ur posts!
    And thanks sooo much for advice