Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fake tan

Im pale!! there ye go I addmitted it
and unfortuntly because i shower everyday, if i apply tan it doesnt last or leaves me with that icky dirty (laugh) SEXY EEEEHHHHHH!!
so Iv resorted to Rimmal instint tan shimmer
and used to use

and swore by it!! and the other night when I was gettin ready to head out i relised my tan was empty so my mam grabbed me some more and arrived home with
The moose version of there tan.I got it in golden and its AMAZIN sooo much easyer to blend then there ordinal tan and its cheap...
Id love to have a golden glow all week rather then a wash off one night only tan but im yet to find a non expensive one..


  1. I just use the moisturiser with fake tan in it. The newest johnson one dosent have that awful smell either:)Im lazy with tan though thats why i prefer sunshimmer. I love the colour of it aswell

  2. I've just done a vid on self tans (I've been through so many!) then found this post. I love L'oreal Sublime Bronze gel, it gives an instant tan and then develops to a deeper tan over a couple of hours. It gives a gorgeous glow and lasts all week, and you can always reapply if you want it darker. It's also fairly inexpensive, I get mine off ebay for about £7, I definitely recommend! xx