Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nars-i wont, i wont, i wont

OKay so was MEANT to go to the cinema. Arrived with a friend to discover ALL fims where sold out, yet you turn on every news channel and your greated by the negitive talks about the recession, but my local storm cinema was BOOKED OUT..So after a little wonder through the town, I retreated to my bedroom, laptop on knee and tea in hand I decided to have a wee wonder on the nars website and may I just say ITS LOVE!So like below Ive a litte Mac wishlist ive decided to do the same with nars. Hopefully ill get some feed back on whetheir these items are actually worth investing in ..

1:the artist palette... Loving the colours..Is it actually worth getting though???

2: the black eye kit..I love smokey eyes and always looking for a dark eye shadow which i can create the PERFECT smokey look

3:okay so this is the FAMOUS nars blush in 'orgasim'...I think from reading what everyone says about it ill be purchasing it :D:D:D

So thats my three wish list things ...COMMENT PLEASE haha im new to the make-up collection world and need advice advice advice...

Ive been reading alot of blogs and noticed alot of talk about blushers and etc..Well I have a favorite , one i LOVE, re-purchase all the time, last FOREVER, and gives the perfect glow..

The Bourjois-Dekice De Poudre..MY must have



  1. I'm having a devilish time with this as well...everyone loves NARS, but imagine if you become an addict? Will I have to choose between NARS and food? Hehe.

    I'm a cheapskate, so I say maybe splurge on the NARS once, and cherish it. I'm sure it's a fantastic product (ORGASM). I haven't heard one negative thing about it.

  2. ohhhh nars or food emmmmm NARS !! hahaha
    Its a tough one ant it?? lik everyone i chat to says to be careful if ur budget doesnt allow for these kind of spurges..It wud be a very expensive addiction! I suppose if i was to buy one KEY item and find the best dubs i can for everything else?? Compramise eh ??