Monday, January 26, 2009

my make-bag...

This is a post that Im basically invitin everyone to do, think its a great way to see the variation of products,I use mostly drug store brand products but I have a few thing that iv threated myself to...

Ive already mentioned my LOVE for this product, LOVE LOVE LOVE !

unfortunatly I cant afford to use this foundation at min but when i had it I LOVED it, if u spend time applying ur left with a seriously smooth photo finish look which lasts all day .Its expensive and I just couldn afford to continue this habit.

when im not wearing loreal i really like this and i think ill be picking one up on firday it really really does last all day , and i really love the feeling that my foundation is goin to be in the same place i put it in that morning. get for when iv performing the lights dont melt it at all and yet doesn feel to heavy

My fave mascara!!

looks a bit scary here but its a really soft pink and actually as top dif colours in it, I really love it in the summer for that natural pink glow over my bronzer

love this gloss as just that a simple gloss

gorgeous eyeshadow

cheap cheap cheap,!!

SO theres a few bits i love, I could add loads loads loads more but would be here uploading all day haha
what are ur favortives, or have u any questions about mine??


  1. Oh my god! I love your collection...especially the Bourjois. It's so enticing to me--and I bet it's because it's foreign, but oh well.

    Is your name really Bebiv? That's super pretty :)

    What color of Mega liner do you use?

  2. Aww thanks bet, the most of my collection is cheep!! so cheep i couldn find pics and my camera still wont upload pics but will defo try soon..
    Its really Rebecca but my friends call me becky and some bebi and my surname begins with V so thats the story of my name haha,

    I use jet black dont think thats what its actually cold but the name rubbed of :(
    love it, so cheap and last ages..