Monday, July 6, 2009


''why we love it:Highlight and contour cheekbones in one sexy sweep with this box of satiny pink and bronze powders. They're a perfect 10!

What else you need to know:Complete with soft, natural-bristle cheek brush. Easy step-by-step contouring lesson included.
Product details
10g Net Wt / 0.35 oz
winner of:
2008 Working Mother Beauty Awards "Best bronzer/highlighter" ''

When you visit the Benefit website this is what you can read about the benefit 10 product, Heres what I think.

I first got this product during christmas of 2007 from 3 dear friends as part of my christmas pressie <3.
First i'll be 100% honest I've gone through a love hate relationship with this product, Loved it could'nt live without it to Never reached for it found it to shimmery yada yada to loving it 100% again and its a must have, im strange I no.

NOW after having this product for some time I do love it. When l first got it I had'nt been introduced to the world of you tube or Blog or any of the such, I was a make up lover and have always been a make-up fan but not to the extent to what I am now, nor did I have the knowledge I know have (kinda :P). Its only since Christmas of 2008 I have been introduced to contouring. This has allowed my judgement of Benefit 10 'sexy sweep' to change as I now understand the product.

I have a few flaws, I still have and love this product BUT unfortunantly my pink side, the highlight, has completly run out, strange considering I always used the product as one and never used the highout more then the bronzer side.It has a far more powdery consistency then the bronzer and appeared to break alot easyer.. BOOOOOOO!!

All in all I did enjoy this product considering it took a year for me to really understand the product, Im a little STUPPPPIT :P.

Have you ever used it?? what did you think? Is there a good dube?




  1. I have just ordered one of these after reading this :)

  2. awww yay delighted Iv affected yur purchase thanks a million for following xxxx