Friday, July 3, 2009

At the Races

Hey everyone,
Last weekend it was the Irish Derby here in Ireland, at the curragh. Im not a racing girl at all, nor do I intend on becoming one, I really have no interest in betting etc BUT when the opportunity arose to attend the races on the firday night my head automatically taught DRESSING UP TIME. What girl does'nt enjoy getting all dressed up??

The firday night is very much a local night, sunday is the ladies day and is PACKED! and saturday is also very busy but friday although it is busy is less OTT in comparison with the other race days. This meant I did'nt have to dress up to the the degree as other would of during the other days. I opted for a simple black dress from River Island

Unsure whether to wear a colour or stay black with the shoes I asked the world of twitter to decide...
I wore the black New look Heels, which are slightly to big, there a size 5 and Im a 4 and a half:(
My hair was done by a friend of mine who is brilliant at hair :O did my hair for me, just a simple plait accross the top and a bit of volume, while I did my own make-up, no suprizes there then..
Earnings are Awear :D

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