Monday, July 27, 2009

money money money

Hey guys,

Sorry its been so long since my last post, had alot going on in my personal life. Anyway as everyone knows where in a recession:(.Thats tainted word has been broadcasted by every means for a number of media broadcasters.

This recession is proving more difficult then I could ever imagin unfortuantly..

I have definantly tighted my belt over the past few months and had my own project 10 pan, but unfortunantly mine was'nt by choice..

Anyway this week, EVERYTHING decide to run out, foundation, powder, facial scrub, make up whips, lipstick, lip gloss, vaseline, favorite bronzer, mascara! haha

So now i need to rob a bank in order to fund everything again....Okay maybe I wont robe a bank but I certainly need to look at other means..

So this is where my beautiful followers come in, I need you to suggest more pocket friends options to replace my make up...

In Ireland we have a debs(prom) in you final year after the exams, mine is the 5th of august, the fancy expensive dress,the limo,hair,nails,tan,date everything is expected and yesturday i had to canel going so naturally Im feeling very down about missing such a exciting night in a teenage girls calender...




  1. I actually use Boots facial scrub. Dunno what it's called. Um, it's green, and says something about cucumber on it! I find it really good, and it's like, €3 or something! Grand if you're stuck!

    I shall have a think about the rest! That one just jumped out at me! :)

  2. go to makeup is VERY pocketbook friendlly!!!! i use some of their make-up and have really liked it all so far!

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