Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hey guys,
So today I'm doing another review, this time on a eyebrow product
(I broke my camera so currently cant get pictures to my blog :( so having to use pictures from other sources, therefore the picture I am using here is'nt the exact one I have but very similar, sorry:( )

Basically this kit is for your eyebrows but can also be used as a liner ,which is VERY handy..For my eyebrows l don't really like using a pencil, personally they make my eyebrows look as though they have been drawn on, which l dont like and almost makes the hairs clump together. I will admit I havent spent much money on a eye brow pencil which is prob the cause of this problem.
This little kit is powder but it does'nt feel as though its ''powdery''. Its nothing like a eyeshadow and is applyed very very easy.
I really like this product. its compact, stays in place all day,has two great colours which you can mix together or use seperatly in order to suit your eyebrow shade. The one in the picture above also comes in different shade

''Shape and groom eyebrows, and colour them too. Each Kit comes with two shades of colour and a compact brush. With Community Trade marula oil.''

I have had this product for 3 years and is still almost new looking!

I also own the above mini brush set by the bodyshop and use the angled brush with the eyebrow set..
Have you ever tried this? Do you recommend anything different??


  1. Great blog, come check out mine sometime and say hi x

  2. i love your blog and your product reviews! i am a product junkie!

    a brush set that i have and LOVE is from Target - the Sonia Kashuk line...they were cheap, but the best brushes that i have used!!

    i am so glad that you found my blog and I look forward to following yours too! :)


  3. Hey hunnis thanks soooo much for commenting,love both your blogs

    Blissfully Enamored Iv heard so much about the Sonia Kashuk rabge and would love to try some of her range but unfortunatly there unavailable in Ireland :( hopefully soon I'll have the chance to try them:D

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    if you ever want my to grab you some sonia kashuk brushes...i would be more than happy to!