Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hey guys

My post last night was very much a post of to meanings, this one will carry the same type of message, enjoying the sun and staying save:D

Another beautiful day here in Ireland, very hot and humid, its the heat that when you put your sunnies one the quickly fog up. Reading back over my posts last nights Ireland has had a strange year in terms of weather, The first day of spring we had snow now we have very very hot weather, complaining NO!!

Just stay save, here are some the items I whip out before I hit the sun,
Vaseline, just to keep my lips hyptrated, sunnys,got to protect you eyes, Instect repellent, honestly this is just because I have having green flies sitting on me as I relax haha,
Suncream I have three in this picture
Factor 50 for kids,
Factor 30
Factor 20 with aloe Vera
Enjoy the glorias weather :D:D:D


  1. It was like that here yesterday, and I was stuck in the office all day. But I did go home to a ice cold drink, yum. =)

  2. aww well hope u get to enjoy it at some point:D, and thank u for following xx