Sunday, June 21, 2009

face of the day

Hey girlies,
Hope everyone is doing really really well. Exams are now a thing of the past :D, so as promised a more beauty related,lovers,reviewing blog is about to take place...
I taught a good one to start with would be a fotd?Although is fathers day and Im doing not a thing today besides catching up on some much needed video watching, blog reading and tweeting I felt a urge to apply make-up.these urges come part of the parcel with beening 'slightly' make-up obsessed :D
So today I wore a very easy brown eye, and nudy lip with a purple undertone, PLEASE excuse the quality of pictures and my horrible pose haha..I have no idea why my left eyebrow looks like
Im giving you 'the Eye'

Products used:

Revlon Coloursay normal/dry skin=Buff 150
Essence Forget it 3 in 1 concealer
Bourjois Delive de Poudre bronzing powder
Benefit 10
Primark Great balls od desire (I do <3>
Active cosmetics setting powder (My rimmel broke so I had to resort to this and its not bad,for something my Nan won at bingo :D)
The colour Insititute eye concealer in Pink.(another cheepy)
Red Herring 4-way eyeshadow pallete
essence Quattro eyeshadow in Ciao Bella!
IsaDora Triple eye shadow in 02 golden Cacao
H&M eyeshadow in pearl dust
Maxfactor eyeliner in Black
essence 2 in 1 Kajal pencil black and white
Rimmel Professional Liquid eye liner in ebony black
Rimmel sexy curves mascara in Black
Maybelline Lash stiletto in black(I like the look both give)

Bodyshop eyebrow duo
Opia (primark/pennys) brow gel

Gosh darling 134
essence XXL shine in rising Star

WOW i didnt relise I had used so much, I looks alot more then I really used, majority of these eye shadow palletes l would of only used one colour in then,manly to blend etc
Heres is a little close up of my lips.

Basically as you can prob tell from the items I used lm a strong believer in using what you can efford, My pennys brow gel works perfectly for me and l think is cost my 50cent yet I love my benefit 10! I have alot of variation in a collection and would never restict myself to only perchasing High quality products ie M.A.C or Nars.Although like anyone I do LOVE then :D
If anyone would liek a review on only of there products or swatches please comment Below Id be more then happy to do so.
Looking forward to hearing your taughts


  1. Its always the way, it takes more makeup to make it look like you are not wearing any :) Lovely Sunday makeup, my dear. I am not wearing any today, i am trying to give my skin time to breathe!!!

    Congrats on finishing the exams my dear- you made it- yaaayyyyy. Enjoy the summer, plenty of blogging and FOTD's


  2. Awwwww thank u hunni :D.
    thanks a million for following