Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well would you look who it is??


Wow it's been a SERIOUSLY long time since I typed to this little piece of magic, so hears a likkle update on my life and everything thats happening...

I'm currently, as you all know, studying Journalism year one is just about to come to an end (only 4 weeks left :) ) then four exams and lots of praying that I pass because well it would be pretty dam horrific if I failed and had to repeat, talk about ruining a summer.

In my degree I study many different modules, Media law (one of my favorites),politics, ethics, media culture, features (how to write a feature), News reporting(how to report news story's, which after starting to really examine papers over the past few months you wonder if some papers have any idea what a NEWS story is), journalism in the field(where basically we attend events that interest the media, for exam murder trails, government meetings, press conferences etc), shorthand (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) and many many many more different modules. Some I must admit I really enjoy, for exam news reporting, journalism in the field and Law but then theres the wonders of shorthand which at this point I never think I will get....EVER!!!!

I'm back working in new look where I have been working on and off for 3 years. Why do I return after leaving so many times? I love the people there! I have to say there a great group of staff, all THREE of the guys are gems and the girls are angels so altogether its a get atmosphere and its great to get a first glance at the newest trends YAY but not so yay on my bank balance, speaking of balance its pay day next week and MAJOR shopping is in order!!:):):):)

I'm as addicted to make-up as ever and actually more. I've organised my make up in a completely new way which I love and will show on here if you guys wont....

I'm back song writing and poetry writing something very few people actually know I do but well Know its out there... I manly focus on poetry.

Thats my update really I think, mmmmmmm...I've a few more ill post today and I really hope to get back into the swing of this because I really have missed it and its such a wonderful break from journalism type writing.....

HEARTS my loves