Friday, March 26, 2010

Thursday evenings

So yesterday I was in college and as we always end up doing myself and some of my class mates relaxed in the canteen for a couple of hours, you know doing absolutely nothing.

After a couple of hours we decided to head to the cinema, random as I was heading towards my luas (is a tram that runs through our city center(Dublin) for anyone outside Ireland). So off we walked to the cinema and decided to go to see, ''Shutter Island'', featuring the very nice Leonardo DiCaprio and also a quite handsome Mark Ruffalo.

(This image was taken from google Images)
Firstly let me say myself and the girl I was with wonted to go to see bounty hunter or I love chuck Morris, you know a light funny Rom Com, easy on the mind and heart where as the ONE guy who was with us suggested we go to see 'Shutter Island' and somehow he won..

Directed by the wonderful Martin Scorese, who has also directed ''Gangs of New York'' and ''Goodfellas''.

The Film itself is capturing, with a great twist that you don't expect. Both lead actors provide some eye candy for the girls which is also welcomed whist sitting in a cinema.

If your looking for a film that keeps you watching, gives you a few jumps,(yes myself and my friend did hide under our jumper just in case).

Leonardo DiCaprio's acting is INCREDIBLE in this film!!!

I'd give ''Shutter Island'' a 8 out of 10.


PS. I know these latest posts are not beauty related but I taught I'd vary this blog up a bit focusing manly on make-up OF COURSE. :P


  1. I really wanted to see this, now after your review I wanna go even more :) xx

  2. you should defo, its really really good, xx
    thanks a million for commenting x