Friday, September 4, 2009


okay okay do any of you rememer be writing about been accepted to a certain college back in december and how I was incredably excited about the entire prospect etc. How this college was the best in ireland for journalism....WELL! I applied for there scholarship, not having a single inch of believe in myself but without this scholarship I could not afford the 18thousand euro fees for the 3year course, plus commute money , it just was'nt feasable...

My birthday was on tuesday and was a lovely day I saw my best friend looking incredable as she went to her debs. Seriously I actually shed a tear because she looked so amazing! Keara Dont ever get married it could kill me haha....
On the Wednesday I was sitting on the Bus heading into town, it was cold and extremely wet out, was'nt feeling the greatest, was tired etc... Anyhow as the bus took of from my stop I day dreamed out the window when I heard
'' boom boom pow'' singing to me, i strugged to find my phone, and once I had reached it I noticed a dublin number was calling me, a number I did'nt recongnise..I've a strange thing about answering unknown numbers or numbers I don't recognise, but for some reason I decided I needed to answer this call.

''Hello there Becky?''
''Hi there its Niamh calling here from independent colleges''

At this point I could feel my heart race to a beat I had never experienced before, not even on a saturday night.

Niamhs voice was calm, and for some reason I felt this was it, dreams shattered you have'nt got it. I started to instintly prepare what would be appropriate to say once she had told me that I had'nt been choosen for there scholarship (they give one out a year).

Our conversation continued and she begain to tell me about how they had,had there scholarship meeting that morning etc..
ANYWAY I suppose at this point I shoulf hurry this woffle up slighty..........

''Becky I delighted to inform you that you have been selected to offer the scholarship to this year''


''haha yes becky, unfortunantly you did'nt actually make one of our requirements entirely to do out higher bachelors degree in journalism, but you where incredably close, And for this reason we would love to offer you the scholarship to cover this course''

'OMG OMG OMG OMG'' my mind goes slighty blank at this point, and I do remember alot of people looking at me very strangely.

To sum this shocking news up for you, I have been offered a 22,000 euro scholarship to Independent college, that covers me for my entire 3year degree!!!





  1. omg omg omg CONGRACTULATIONS :D
    im so happy for you :D even though i dont acctually know ya Haha x
    :D Well done :D x

  2. Aw really pleased for u! This post actually made me smile lol x