Saturday, December 27, 2008

a little about me

This is completly new to me so typing entirely about myself could end up been alot of waffle.. But I suppose its the beauty of a blog. A tipical 18 year old leaving certificate student who's life is supposed to contain A LOT of intense study study study, unfortuntly in my case this is'nt happening ,my devine love for music and beauty and journalism are currently controling my life :D:D Im a complete music(singing) junkie, make-up lover and suprisingly I love english and am currently dreaming and hoping to next year start get into my dream college 'independent college of Ireland' whose journalism course in my opinion is the best in the country.Unfortunalty they only except 15 students so as of two months ago I'v been doing constint research in order to write a 'spectactular' article which will aid my hopeful acceptence, no harm staying positive eh??:P:P:P

So less of the boring stuff...Lets talk girly.. MAKE-UP MAKE-UP MAKE-UP..Im a addict, can quite happenly spend days re-doing varias make-up looks and especially eyes.Its almost a passion and as i do suffer like many girls with low confidence knowing or feeling comfortable in my make-up allows the real, bubbley me to shine. I feel happy to wear bizzare bright colours or sexy smokey eyes on a daily bases. I found while reading many blogs that one in particular 'lollipop26' my FAVORITE Im addicted to her posts and her you tube posts and helpful tip...

So music, well i sing, not particularing good but my shower head is impressed. Iv been training classically for 4years and LOVE IT , the control those professional classically trained singers is outstanding and Iv the up most respect for them. Im sure hundreds of teenagers everyday say,'OH i wont to be famous, and if thats what you inspire to be thats fine but ask yourself why. I love to sing,l really would mind never being 'famous', my own dream is to sing and see the joy that my singing is bringing to someones face, stupit eh???

Well you all know quite a lot about my loves and passions.
will chat soon



  1. LOL...that "my showerhead is impressed" really made me laugh! :-) Talking about me singing, I doubt even my showerhead would be impressed!

  2. Hahaha awww thanks huni, and thats soo much for reading!!!keep commenting xx